Behavioral Analytics and User Engagement Features
Deep user insights, powerful segmentation and personalized messaging in a single platform

Powerful & Awesome Features

Send highly targeted and relevant message to your subscribers at the right time in the right place with Pushh web push notifications.


Deeplinks URL allow you to direct users to a specific place in your Website or App.

Drip Notification

Setup a welcome notification drip campaign and engage subscribers on an ongoing basis.

Data Retention Security

All datas are maintained in dedicated in the best datacenter with highly efficient ssd hod with raid 30 days are maintained for users.

CTR 30%

Boost in average daily website visitors

Offline Notification

User will see your notification as soon as they come outline.

Cloud Based Notification

Nothing to download or install, use via any web browser.

Market Business: Just the way you want!

Most of the traffic that we get are from unknown users. Unmasking these users and understanding their behaviour traits is a huge challenge. Pushh offers a complete package to help digital marketers overcome such challenges.

For what purpose where i can use push notification

Welcome Message

Movie Release

Product Launch

Live Events & Webinars



Order Information

Status Updates








Next-Gen Communication!

Pushh provide URL triggers, you can automatically and immediately send specialized notification based on your customer’s interests at that moment in time.Pushh you’ll be able to see :Web pages visited (any web page…etc),Social Media interactions,Online Shopping website,Cinema booking,etc.

How it Works

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Pushh is a powerful tool for push notifications that allow send push notifications to your subscribers and track their clicks wherever they are whenever they are online – even on their mobile phones.

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