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A Smart Channel for Engagement & Retention

Send behavior-based notification automatically to drive better engagement across the customer lifecycle


What is Pushh Notification

Web Push notifications are clickable cards/messages that can be instantly sent to your subscribers even when their browser is closed. You get them on your desktop or Android device even when the website is not open in your browser. It is a new marketing channel to re engage your site visitors without knowing their email or other contact details. Web Pushh Notifications generally work only on HTTPS ,Pushh provides this feature for HTTP sites.

Notifications can received in many platforms:

   Windows , Mac, Linux Chrome Web
   Windows , Mac, Linux Firefox Web 
   Android, IOS Web Browser            


How push notification works


Why are web notifications awesome!

Web push works best for re-engagement marketing strategy. Dead easy to convey urgent content, whenever and wherever on any device.

Most effective marketing channel when coupled with other well-rounded multichannel communication approach. Incorporate new push notification technology to onboard, reengage, promote, or for reminders and time crunch messages.

Be a touch careful, don’t overdo it because sometimes web push can also be as annoying as mobile app push.


Unlimited Types to Pushh Notification

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Endless Possibilities


Quick Setup

Set your account without any hassle. Send your first push notification on mobile & desktop in just 5 mins.

HTTP & HTTPS Support

Push notifications that support both HTTP as well as HTTPS sites. Add a smart code & start converting users into customers.

Multi Website Support

Pushh provide Multiple domain with Single cloud dashboard.So avoid multiple signup.


Send notification to particular set of audience based on location, buying record, and more.


Schedule push campaigns for a specific date and time. Send notifications across the globe.

Real-Time Tracking

Monitor the behaviour of your users receiving push notifications. Checkout their actions in real-time.

Your online presence is now just a few steps away.

See how a notification will look like

Pushh Works On



Chrome Android/IOS

Pushh is a powerful tool for push notifications that allow send push notifications to your subscribers and track their clicks wherever they are whenever they are online – even on their mobile phones.

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